Alpha Productions has extensive capabilities for cable/wire harness and electronic sub-assemblies that have been built up over 40 plus years. Alpha Productions can handle the whole assembly from blue prints to prototype to first article production to production runs, both large and small. Alpha has a highly trained and stable workforce that utilizes continuous quality control measures at each step in the assembly process (wire/cable cutting, stripping, terminal crimping, soldering, connector loading, harness board bundling, & final test). Alpha utilizes a range of automating equipment including: Schlueniger (cutting/stripping); AMP & Molex (crimping presses); Panduit (tie wraps); and Cablescan testers.
Companies outsourcing cable/wire assemblies to Alpha Productions can expect cost savings due to efficiencies achieved from specialization, parts purchasing (advantages due to economy of scale), and reduced personnel requirements related to hiring and training.
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